Nurture your Health & Wellness Brand and Scale with Grace.

Health & Wellness Coaches and Brand Builders are you…

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Struggling with Brand Differentiation

We start with a colobrative workshop focused on your brand's voice, goals, and audience, laying the groundwork for our collaboration. Following this, I scrutinize audience perception and your public persona, identifying areas for enhancement to ensure a unified, resonant brand voice. This data is then turned into two high-fidelity creative directions (Stylescapes) encapsulating your brand's ethos.

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Not Connecting With Your Target Audience

You’re unable to identify and connect with your target audience, leading to ineffective content strategies, and misallocated resources. we audit the content you have put out understanding area where we can work on and improve.

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Wasting Time on Design Decisions

Operating through a lack of brand clarity and coherent structure to your visual identity, you’re wasting time (and money) on tasks that don’t benefit you. You don’t have a reliable system in place to scale and manage your brand.

You can overcome these problems with…

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Unmistakable Branding

As your dedicated design partner, I make it a priority to ensure your brand stands out and doesn't blend into the background. Together, we'll craft a distinctive visual identity that encapsulates your values and unique stories, making your brand unforgettable.

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Effortless Scalability

The designs produced are not just designed for today; I design with your future in mind. Ensuring that as your brand flourishes and evolves, your brand system can effortlessly adapt. This guarantees your visuals remain cohesive and consistent, regardless of how exceptional your growth stages become.

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Designs Made for Impact

I have a belief that a brand goes beyond mere aesthetics - it's a stimulus for change. My focus is to aid you in becoming the trusted voice you deserve to be. Through my world-class design and strategy, your brand's message will amplify, transforming lives in ways you never thought possible.

Some of the Projects

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How We Make Your Brand


Phase 1: Brand Clarity, Strategy
& Creative Direction

We start with an in-depth workshop focused on your brand's voice, goals, and audience, laying the groundwork for our collaboration. Following this, I audit the audience perception and your public persona, identifying areas for enhancement to ensure a unified, resonant brand voice. This data is then turned into two high-fidelity creative directions summarizing your brand's feelings.

What’s included:

1x Remote workshop (sometimes split into two sessions) to understand and align your brand voice, goals and target audience. Distilled into a report on how your audience perceives you and your personality in the public domain.

2x Distinct high-fidelity creative directions (sometimes called stylescapes) that reflect their brand voice effectively. This will include a variety of images across design, colour, photography and more. Informing the path for phase 2.

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Phase 2: Brand Identity Design & Motion Design

Here, I architect your brand's visual identity by generating two comprehensive brand concepts, incorporating elements such as logo design, typefaces, and color palettes. These are showcased via mockups to give a glimpse of real-world applications. From these, you select one concept which, if necessary, can be refined through two rounds of revisions. The finals will be  further developed with usage of animations.

What’s included:

2x Brand identity concepts that include a logo design, typeface(s), colour palette(s). Including presentations of concepts with real-world mockups and applications.

A Logo Animation after the Logo has been finalized that helps showcase the brand story in and invoke familiarity and trust.


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Phase 3: Brand Executions,
Tools & Guidelines

Once the brand identity is in place, I move on to creating a selection of brand assets to ensure a consistent brand image across all platforms. These assets range from a signature style for YouTube thumbnails to podcast artwork. Furthermore, I provide a brand identity guideline document, acting as a comprehensive manual for using your new identity and building the brand around of.

What’s included:

Youtube thumbnail signature style (3x concepts)

Podcast artwork (1x final artwork)

Social media content examples (3x concepts)

Brand identity guidelines

About Me

Hello, I'm Bhat Hassnain

Ever since i got into design i wanted to create things that not only looked the part but also helped the people around, after completing my Master in design and animation i worked with numerious brand in the backend and helped grow thieir view counts and business

In 2022 after working with numerous brands ranging from FMCG to Tech to advertising to Fashion, i decided to work with and help with my design skills, the courageous creators and thought leaders magnify their voices and impact through a well curated visual branding.

I believe that we humans are the product of the environment, and we have the ability of shaping the environment in the best possible way that will suit us to reach our maximum potential, In order to develop the  environment we have to become aware, take into consideration and shape the environment and then keep on improving at it,

What helps best is putting systems in place and working with them in the longer thinking terms, I decided to shift my focus towards personal brands and individuals who sought the truth, dared to question consensus, and share their stories openly.

I specialize in creating resilient and unmistakable brand identity systems for Health & Wellness coaches, infulencer and brand builders.


Let’s Work Together

Book a call with me below to get started and experience the power of distinct branding.


I work with a range of clients from entry-level to established creators. The process shines with a collaborative approach with established individuals, with a strong message, aiming for a growth trajectory and refine their visual identity. Given the nature of my design system, this high-level partnership often yields effective results in both short and long term.

No. I may hire additional people from time to time to aid projects with a larger scope but, you will always have direct contact with me. No middlemen, no project managers, just straight talk the entire way.

My rates start from $968 (USD) and can vary depending on your objective, audience, and the quantity of final design deliverables. All projects have a minimum 50% deposit upfront before work begins. The best way for me to provide an accurate quote is on a call with you during our free brand discovery session.

Typical projects take around six weeks to complete. This figure can fluctuate depending on your availability for workshops and presentation meetings.

You can get started by booking a free brand discovery session via my Calendly booking system. From there, we will discuss your needs, goals, and how I can support your brand's journey to success.

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